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We bring to our partners advanced and specialised skills, enhanced by a leading expertise on our areas of intervention

We help identifying tipping points and the most powerful levers towards urban sustainability

We provide our partners a clear understanding of context-specific issues and options of urban development

We assist our partners in defining which policy and which investment will make the difference

Revealing unseen opportunities and design better strategies

This is the key asset of our approach. Our partners deal with highly complex urban issues, where numerous factors interact: economics, social, environment and energy. We use quantitative tools and methods to measure and predict how unsuspected spatial patterns drive energy consumption, economic performance, social inclusiveness and resource productivity:

  • How human densities and activities are spatially distributed within the city?
  • What is the spatial structure of networks, and how do they fit with the city’s social network?
  • Does the sizing, the scaling and the spatial distribution of amenities optimize access for the people?

The diagnosis is the first step towards the identification of new opportunities

Identifying the tipping points and the most powerful levers

Our partners are key stakeholders and decision-makers that invest in the field of urban development. We provide them with a clear understanding of the available levers to improve urban sustainability and create long term value. We help policy-makers to identify the tipping points and the right policy to reach them. We help investors in defining which investment is likely to make the biggest difference.